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          Coccyx cushion, leg pillow, neck pillow, seat cushion, wheelchair cushion, lumbar support, sleep pad... and more! 

          Astar Health Products supplies premium memory foam pillows, cushions and supports at the best prices possible to help people relieve back and neck pain.

          Our products include premium memory foam sleep pillow, coccyx cushion, seat cushion,lumbar support cushion, head rest car pillow, leg pillow and sleep pad, etc. These products are offered at the prices possible. We also back up the quality of the products by offering excellent warranty. Try it and you will notice the difference!

          Sleep pillow: Ultra-high density (6 lb) premium memory foam sleep/neck pillow gives you the ultimate comfort in sleep.
          Leg pillow: Premium memory foam leg pillow (leg spacer) helps the alignment of your spine during sleep.
          Travel pillow: U-shaped travel pillow helps you rest better when traveling.
          Seat cushion: Contoured memory foam seat cushion helps you sit more comfortablly.
          Head rest car pillow: Helps relieve pain in the neck when driving.
          Coccyx cushion (tush cushion): Memory foam coccyx/tush cushion. Provides comfort and helps relieve pain in tailbone.
          Lumbar support cushion: Memory foam lumbar support cushion. Helps relieve lower back pain.
          Multi-use support pillow: Could be used as neck pillow, leg pillow, leg wedge, and lumbar support.
          Wheelchair cushion: Ultra-high density (6 lb) premium memory foam cushion. Could be used for wheelchair, home and office.
          Lumbar comfort sleep pad: Helps align spine during sleep and reduces morning pain in lower back.

          Click on pictures below to see product details!




          We are committed to provide the best quality memory foam products at the lowest possible prices. Please compare our quality and prices with other companies, such as Tempur-Pedic and Jobri.

          We offer deep volume discounts to distributors, retailers, chiropractors, and physical therapists. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

          We also OEM visco-elastic foam products, and if you are interested please contact us by phone or e-mail.


          What Is Memory Foam?

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