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          Astar Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion (tush cushion, Item #  M162)

          Made of premium visco-elastic memory foam (3.5lb density), this coccyx cushion (tush cushion) helps relieve back pain by reducing the pressure on spine and coccyx. A truely wonderful cush for your tush:


          • Temperature-sensitive memory foam interacts with body heat to gently mold to your shape and provides customized comfort for your

          • This coccyx cushion's (tush cushion) cut-out section eliminates painful pressure on the tailbone

          • This coccyx cushion's (tush cushion) sloping wedge shape helps correctly align spine and tilts the pelvis forward to restore the natural lumbar curve, a position often recommended by doctors to provide maximum comfort and back pain relief

          Dimensions: 16" x 13" x3" (1.5")
          Cover: Washable cotton/polyester zip-off cover; extra liner for better protection of the coccyx cushion's memory foam
          Color: Blue
          Warranty: 3 years

          Our price: $32.00

          100% visco-elastic memory foam

          Provides ultimate

          pressure relief


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