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          Click to enlargeAstar Memory Foam Lumbar Comfort Sleep Pad <br>(Item #  M142)

          Morning pain in your lower back? Try this product! Made of premium memory foam (3.5lb), this lumbar comfort sleep pad improves spine alignment during sleep to reduce morning pain and stiffness in your lower back:


          • Temperature-sensitive memory foam interacts with body heat to gently mold to your shape and provides customized comfort and reduces lower back pain

          • This lumbar comfort sleep pad relieves stress and pressure on spine and coccyx

          • This lumbar comfort sleep pad reduces morning stiffness, strain and pain in lower back by improving spine alignment during sleep

          • The sleep pad is particularly helpful for people with lower back problems

          • Place the lumbar comfort sleep pad across the mattress and under the lower back when sleeping

          Dimensions: 28" x 13.6" x 2.5"
          Cover: Washable velour zip-off cover; extra liner for protection of the sleep pad's memory foam
          Color: White
          Warranty: 3 years

          Our price: $37.95

          Compare our lumbar comfort sleep pad with Backsaver:

            Our pad Backsaver
          Density 3.5 lb/ft3 3 lb/ft3
          Price $37.95 $69

          100% visco-elastic

          memory foam

          Provides ultimate

           pressure relief


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