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          What is memory foam?

          Visco-elastic memory foam was originally developed by NASA and used on space shuttles to relieve pressure on astronauts caused by G-Forces during take off. It is several times denser than regular polyurethane foams, is temperature sensitive and always recovers to original shape. It is also called slow-recovery foam (see picture). Due to its distinctive property in relieving pressure, memory foam has been developed into many products such as pillows, toppers, wedges, supports, etc., to benefit millions of consumers worldwide.

          What benefits does memory foam offer?

          Memory foam offers the following benefits that, in combination, provides the ultimate stress and pressure relieving support:

          • Memory foam has higher density and thus is more supportive and conforms to your body more.

          • Memory foam is temperature sensitive. In normal temperature, it is firm, but when you use it, it reacts to your body temperature and molds to your shape. This way, it minimizes the pressure points, distributes the weight more evenly and provides customized support.

          • High quality memory foam often has open cell structure that breathes better and helps distributes the weight evenly.

          Are all memory foams the same?

          No. There are huge differences in quality.

          One of the key differences is density. Usually, the denser the foam, the more supportive it is and the more it conforms to your body. High density foam (e.g., 6lb/ft3 ) is usually made with molding process while low density (e.g., 3.5lb/ft3) foaming-and-cutting process.

          Durability is another important quality aspect. Due to manufacturing differences, some foams lose its "slow recovery" property over a short period of time while high quality foams never lose their resiliency.

          Cell structure is also important. High density, high quality foams usually has much smaller cells and thus many more cells in per unit volume. This helps the foam breathe better and thus distributes weight more evenly.

          How do I know which memory foam product is high quality?

          • Hold It:   High density memory foam product is heavier than other products of the same size.
          • Press It:   If you use your hand to pressure the foam, it should recover to its original shape slowly. If the foam recovers too quickly, then the quality is probably lower.
          • Look at It:   High quality foam usually have smaller and denser cell structure. If you see big cells, then the foam’s quality is probably lower.
          • Use It:   If the foam loses it’s supportive property and feels like a regular foam after being used for a short period of time, then its quality is low. High quality foam maintains its resiliency even after a long period of time.

          Why should I buy memory foam products from Astar Health?

          Superior quality. Astar memory foam products are manufactured with superior quality. The Astar DreamFoamHD products are the highest density memory foam manufactured with molding process. All Astar memory foam products have excellent cell structure and superior durability. Our products are of professional quality because all products are tested by and supplied to “back care?professionals. We also proactively seek customer feedback to constantly improve our product quality. We have generous warranties and a 30-day Return Policy for all Astar products to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our product quality.

          Remarkable price. We offer not only extremely competitive list prices, i.e., retail prices, but also remarkable discounts based the order quantity for all items. Our Lowest Price Guarantee shows our commitment to provide the best value to our customers. We are able to offer such great value to our customers because we bypass many middlemen in the supply chain which results in great savings that we then pass on to our customers.


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